Monday, November 5, 2012

Let's Roll - Avery's Big Debut!

I knew once I posted his 5 month update, he would finally roll over while I had the camera out! Here's proof that he really can get all those rolls in motion... appropriately accompanied by one of Avery's favorite tunes. (Let's Roll by Yelawolf & Kid Rock)

A special thanks to his 'Happy Apple' for looking so appetizing that he just had to have it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Avery - 5 Months!

At 5 months, Avery
: ROLLS OVER! First in his crib in the early morning (so we didn't get to see) and again later in the day on November 1st! He's got some killer strong abs to get his rolly-polly self up and moving (video to come... he's apparently camera shy and won't perform when we get the camera out!)
: LOVES when we sing 'Old McDonald' to him... If he starts whining and we start singing, he's entranced.
: Eats every 3 hours... around the clock. Yes, Still. 
: Sits up and plays/splashes in the bath. He has inhaled water a couple of times while trying to eat his bath toys... if that doesn't make me feel like a failed parent, nothing will! His reaction is so scary! 
: Has pretty nasty rash outbreaks. It got so bad last weekend that I went to Wal Mart and spent almost $30 on every treatment they had. Avery now gets slathered in something 5-6 times a day and is now the slippery-ist little grease monkey around. Justin is jealous of all the rub downs he gets! (we have since seen his pediatrician and he has seborrheic dermatitis, which is better than eczema because it doesn't itch and shouldn't leave any lasting effects)
: Is starting to experiment with his voice and 'squeals' as loud and as high-pitched as he can. It often scares him or makes him gag... but it makes his mommy laugh and he loves it!
: Is starting to 'talk to' Jasper and Bella (Jasper is his favorite to watch, maybe because he's smaller and more on his level) 
: Is an intense observer of everything around him. He has an excellent attention span and will stare at the same object for many minutes trying to figure it out. 
: LOVES taking his 1 mL of Vitamin D supplement drops every day. Seriously, he gets excited and starts kicking when I bring the bottle out. Do you think it's probably time to start him on solids soon?  :)
: Is much more stable while sitting up. He's getting the 'balancing act' down and only topples over when he gets distracted by something and forgets that he's still sitting. When he does topple, he's totally fine with it. Most easy-going baby ever? Most of the time, yes. As long as he has a full tummy ;)

: Has some new little 'girlfriends' down the street. He LOVES to watch them and he thinks everything they do is pretty much the bees-knees. (Especially when they stick their heads in the stroller to make faces at him.) When we were visiting them the other evening, he wouldn't even eat he was so distracted by them. It takes something pretty cool to distract him from his dinner!
: Went on his first 'date' with mom and dad - to Olive Garden! He was SO good the entire time we were there, just looking around, giggling and playing with his toys!
: Is officially 'sleep training' ... which for us means that we aren't picking him up 3-4 times before he succumbs to sleep. Soon we're hoping to wean him down to 1 or 2 feedings per night instead of the 3-4 he gets now. (Mommy hasn't had a good night's rest in 5 months!)
: Is wearing 9m (and some 12m!) size clothes. He's got to start to plateau soon, right?!
: Enjoys playing with faces, hair, and neck-skin (who even knew I had enough neck-skin to yank on?! Ouch!) Watching his little hands explore new things is so sweet.
: Went trick-or-treating on his first Halloween with his best buddy, Max the giraffe!