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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cullen James - 10 Months Old!

Cullen continues to grow and become more charming every day. He is just the sweetest little lover and has reached the point in his babyhood where his looks are changing by the minute and he's trading in his sweet baby cheeks and thighs for a much longer, leaner big-boy look. Parenthood is such a time-warp; I've been by Cullen's side almost every single minute of his 10 months on this Earth and as I look back, I still can't fathom how fast he's grown.

This month, Cullen: 
Enjoyed his first Christmas morning at home followed by a 10 day tour of Wisconsin and lots of holiday fun with family. Unfortunately, he didn't sleep well AT ALL during our time away which was a bit stressful for all of us but now that we're home he's back into his normal routine and we're all a little less cranky :)

Is a mama's boy, through and through. He does best when I am in his line of vision at all times but when he's hungry, tired, or not feeling well, nowhere but in my arms will do. I truly don't mind it because I know all too soon the snuggles won't come so easily. 

Has 7 teeth! SEVEN! Lucky number 7 broke through just a couple of days ago after a week of him generally being uncomfortable.  Babies teething is pretty much the worst thing ever.

Is so brave! He is an expert climber and has just about mastered climbing back down the stairs (climbing up is one of his favorite activities...yikes.) 

Started WALKING! He still usually thinks crawling is the fastest and most efficient way to get from place to place, but he's very stable on his feet and will walk up to about 15 steps at a time if he's motivated enough. It's amazing how fast babies master a skill after trying it for the first time.

Has finally started (usually) sleeping through the night! Last week he had a cold with a cough that woke him up numerous times during the night (along with that seventh tooth causing him grief) but now that he's on the upswing of both of those, he's making up for lost sleep :) Cullen naps twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon and almost always the complete opposite of Avery's nap... I'm hoping they will start to overlap a bit more in the next couple of months. 

Is obsessed with electronics (computers, phones, remotes, etc.) If he gets his hands on one, I pity the person that has to take it away. He does NOT take kindly to that at all. 

Is pretty adamant about taking part in whatever his big brother is doing. This means that we now have a list of activities that we only bring out during 'Avery and Mama-time' when Cullen is napping (Play-Doh, board games, crayons) We still try to do at least one fun/messy activity every day that he CAN take part it, but some things are just easier for Avery to enjoy if Cullen isn't trying to eat them.

Knows what 'no' means but often tries to be sneaky and dig in Bella's water bowl (or the toilet, which he can completely open on his own) when he thinks nobody is watching.

Cullen's favorite foods include sweet potatoes, beans, meat, bananas and frozen yogurt-covered blueberries. He has a great appetite and will eat pretty much anything, especially whatever he can swipe off of big brother's plate :)

I really enjoy spending my days watching this little boy learn and grow into a personality that is all his own. I'm sure it's because I've gone through this all once before that I really know how fleeting these moments are so I try to be mindful and soak up every moment, the easy ones and the tough ones, and take advantage of every opportunity to kiss, squeeze, snuggle, play and laugh. Isn't this what life is all about?


Avery @ 10 Months