Saturday, April 6, 2013

Avery - 10 months!

He only stays stationary when holding something, so there will be new 'additions' in his weekly photos! :)
This month, Avery enjoyed: 
• Some quality time with Aunt Janessa
• Pool time!
• A quick trip to Chicago to have dinner with Uncle Josh AND Aunt Janessa at Giordano's
• A few spring walks (finally!)
• Gobbling down lots of finger foods - hard-boiled egg yolks are his only no-no
Climbing the entire flight of stairs by himself!
• Waking up with crazy wild hair (Ok, maybe I enjoyed that more than he did, but whatever)
• Hanging outside in the sunshine (and discovering his first earthworm)
His first Easter, spent with some great friends
Some snow play complete with a fort and lots of tasty snowballs 
• Lots of clapping (his new favorite trick)
• Playtime with Max
His first short hike in a hiking backpack! (Bring on summer!) 
Lots of love at Giordanos! :)
Showing off his killer swimming skills for Aunt Janessa
Clapping in his chair that mom and dad made him during nap time one day (tutorial here), his reaction to the cold snow, and being a great 'helper' in the kitchen :)

I'm not exactly sure what Avery and Aunt Janessa saw in the book about dogs & puppies...?  :)
Avery's Current Favorites
Emptying any box, bag, bucket that he can find (he's sort of a curious little mini-tornado)
The dishwasher - emptying it (of course) then crawling on the open door
Tight squeezes & sloppy wet open-mouth kisses (his mama's favorite)
Being tickled
Banana pancakes - (super-simple recipe here)
Making 'hissing' sounds
Reading books with mom and dad
Reading books by himself (he's mastered turning the pages!)
Bouncing up and down in his crib 
Taking off his socks (and sometimes pants!) while waiting for me to get him out of his crib
Speed crawling
Playing peek-a-boo, especially with the vacuum cleaner :)
The musical globe on his activity table
Looking out/banging on the windows 
Feeding Jasper and Bella from his high chair...
His shaker eggs from his Easter basket!  (They were a hit!)
When I asked Justin what I could add to this list, his response was: "He kinda just loves...everything!" And that pretty much sums up Avery - the sweetest, happiest most easy-going child we could ever ask for (Yes, I may pay for making this statement one day soon, but it needed to be said anyway) :) We are so blessed!

I LOVE watching him troll around the house in his own little world, tearing apart and exploring everything along the way and watching the wheels turn in his head as he processes his surroundings. Then he comes back to reality, looks around and upon realizing I'm still in the room watching him, smiles a big 'ol smile, speed crawls over and climbs in my lap for a big hug and sloppy kiss. BEST. MAMA. MOMENT. EVER.  Seriously, people, it's like a drug. I can't get enough of this sweet little boy. I'm addicted :)

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  1. They are a highly-addictable type of drug I would add :)

    I love the pool pictures!