Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Project Life: Avery's First Year - MONTH 3

Month 3 - Spread 1 - the smiling begins! :)

Can't get enough of these baby toes!
Avery's monthly stats, his favorite toy at the moment, 4x6 insert of a photo of Avery on one side and the thumbnail card that came with the printed photos on the other.

Our cloth diapering experience begins and Avery is getting so strong! I bought some cardboard sticker embellishments on clearance at a scrapbook store and cut them up to spice up some plain white 3x4 cards. The diaper & pin are also scrapbook embellishments.
Month 3 - Spread 2 - Fun times with Uncle Josh (and a sweet-and-shameless bathtub photo)
More pennant cloth embellishments (I just think they're so cute), journal cards and uncle cuddles

I did some daily journaling this week - seeing the cards again makes me want to do more!
Month 3 - Spread 3 - Avery's second time to the beach in less than 3 months!
Journaling of the day on a large paint swatch card from Lowe's. (I love these big swatches... I pick up a few every time we go to the store... you know, to help me decide on a color...)

Date stamp ON fabric! It works! (This brings my fabric-embellishment obsession to a whole new level!)
Some beach play under the umbrella with my Godmother, and one of my favorite weekly photos from this month

Daddy smooches, cousin play, and poor Avery being pushed around by baby Max while being my assistant during Max's 6 month photo shoot
Month 3 - Spread 4 - A trip to the battlefield and some very special 4-generation photos.

Avery's 3 Month 'birthday' and his favorite song (this is STILL his favorite song, 7 months later!) The animal sound words strip is another cardboard sticker found on clearance, and more cloth and date-stamp details!
A fun little photo shoot with Avery's daddy, grandpa and great grandpa! (This is one of my favorite color combinations so far, the olive green and the pattern blue. The green being more paint swatches and the blue being fabric)
More date-stamp on fabric (I may never stamp on paper again ;)  and a couple of shots of an Avery smile (I love adding photos like this to the book, it's almost like a mini flip book)

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