Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The most diligent little berry picker there ever was.

We've been enjoying everything summer has to offer and both A and C have grown light years in these last 2 months. They are hilarious, obnoxious, sweet and salty and are just plain fun to hang out with. 

Cullen (and his sweet little scowl that he hasn't grown out of) is beginning to dodge my camera a bit while Avery hams it up and asks me to take his photo more than ever.

Avery tells Cullen numerous times a day how much he loves him and calls him his 'best baby' and Cullen wants to be wherever Avery is - all the time. These two are truly best buddies and share so many hugs (that usually turn into wrestling matches)

Cullen is growing into his own little personality and is proving to be the more aggressive, independent brother while Avery is still very sweet and sensitive and aims to please. I swear they each do something new every day, be it learning how to speak a new word or write one. Watching them grow is pure magic.
A smile this big from this a rare thing to be caught on camera these days
(and it's only because he thinks he's doing something naughty)
Sparklers and staying up as late as he wanted - 4th of July magic :)

All-American boy. With a scowl.

There was a growling bear rustling in the blueberry patch this day.
He was awfully cute.

The "Cullen face"
SO so so proud of his new big boy bike.
I can't even handle this cuteness.

The "Cullen face" takes on Chicago

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


proud little logger

monkey boy

Avery's first catch!

21/52'tractor' and 'truck' are the most popular words in his growing vocabulary

birthday boy
the boy with the smirk

those glasses can't hide it - his baby face peeks out in his sleep
23/52he could just ride all day

24/52He makes being safe look good ;)

24/52that wispy baby hair :)