Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The most diligent little berry picker there ever was.

We've been enjoying everything summer has to offer and both A and C have grown light years in these last 2 months. They are hilarious, obnoxious, sweet and salty and are just plain fun to hang out with. 

Cullen (and his sweet little scowl that he hasn't grown out of) is beginning to dodge my camera a bit while Avery hams it up and asks me to take his photo more than ever.

Avery tells Cullen numerous times a day how much he loves him and calls him his 'best baby' and Cullen wants to be wherever Avery is - all the time. These two are truly best buddies and share so many hugs (that usually turn into wrestling matches)

Cullen is growing into his own little personality and is proving to be the more aggressive, independent brother while Avery is still very sweet and sensitive and aims to please. I swear they each do something new every day, be it learning how to speak a new word or write one. Watching them grow is pure magic.
A smile this big from this a rare thing to be caught on camera these days
(and it's only because he thinks he's doing something naughty)
Sparklers and staying up as late as he wanted - 4th of July magic :)

All-American boy. With a scowl.

There was a growling bear rustling in the blueberry patch this day.
He was awfully cute.

The "Cullen face"
SO so so proud of his new big boy bike.
I can't even handle this cuteness.

The "Cullen face" takes on Chicago


  1. Hi Amanda!! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to get your comment on my blog. I feel like I'm blogging for no one but myself, but I guess that's okay too, lol!! Your little buddies are so grown up! I am so behind on your life. Are you on Facebook anymore? I got off a couple years ago, so I haven't been keeping track of people as much as I'd like. I feel like no one does that traditional blogging anymore! The transition phase with the babies is easier in a way, but harder in other ways. It's nice that there's older kids to help out by entertaining the baby or going to get things for you, BUT napping is so hard to come by when baby sleeps because you have older kids. Especially because we homeschool, the kids are always here. Luckily Breanna was a good baby and Jonas has proved to be a good baby too after I went off wheat, so that really makes a difference.

    1. I think the same thing about blogging, that I'm doing it for myself which IS totally ok, but I know my family really appreciates it because they don't get to see the boys nearly as much as they'd like to so the photos and little stories help.

      I am still on Facebook and think of getting off of it often, but again, my family loves updates and sometimes that's just the quickest, easiest way to do it.

      You're my hero for having 4 babies, homeschooling, and keeping up with your blogging! I hope you're getting some rest, thats my main worry when I comes to having more children is the exhaustion factor. With Justin working as much as he does and no family near us, most of the day-to-day responsibilities fall on me with no reprieve and when I'm exhausted, the days get awfully long!

      Keep up sharing your adventures with those beautiful children, I'll do my best to check in when I can!