Friday, June 30, 2017

Ariya Marie | ONE YEAR!

Our sweet girl turned one two weeks ago and my mind has still not completely wrapped around the fact that my baby is a whole year old.  From the day she was born until today she has been nothing but a ball of sunshine. (I mean, she HAS been a baby, so there have been plenty of long nights and fussy days but looking back on the year the only thing that stands out to me is how go-with-the-flow HAPPY she's been!)

At her 1 year checkup, she rocked the charts weighing in at 23 pounds, 7 oz and is 32. 75" long. She has 8 teeth and the sweetest little curls.

She's started to assert her independence lately and has a bit of a flair for the dramatic. When she first started taking steps she would take one step, deliberately lay down and put her head on the floor like it was so much work for her to take that one step that she needed to rest. This girl is always putting on a show!
Ariya made these weekly photos the easiest task ever. The photo shoots got more and more efficient every week and by the end, we weren't spending more than 30 seconds from start to finish and I only ended up taking 10-15 shots, most of them being good ones! She knew the drill and giggled away as soon as I got the camera out.

Ariya's favorites:

Flirting with everyone
Music/Dancing (the girl has moves!!)
Socks (and carrying them all over the house)

Climbing the stairs
Running into the road
Playing with her big brothers
Waking up happy, clutching the tags on her blanket :)
Saying the sweetest "Hi!" and waving to everyone she meets
Excitedly saying "Doh!" all day
"Dada" continues to be her favorite word (mama only when she's tired/hungry/hurt)
Playing in the rain
Being outside
Eating ice
Drinking from her sippy cup

A photo of Ariya at 11 months and me at 11 months!

The day after her birthday, we had some family and friends over for an ice cream social to celebrate! It turned out to be the most beautiful day full of sunshine and sprinkles and thanks to our lovely niece, Emma, Ariya's cake didn't become a Pinterest fail :) 

We are all head-over-heels in love with this girl who has brought more joy to our lives than we could've ever imagined. What an amazing year its been watching her grow into her sweet personality. XOXO

And because I'm feeling sentimental about my babies getting so big, here's AVERY AT ONE and CULLEN AT ONE