Tuesday, September 29, 2015


on the hunt


the fat lip pretty much perfects his bad boy look ;)

sunflower stalker

that face!

one pretty epic hiking adventure

wispy baby hair is just the greatest
the hardest little worker I've ever known

brown-eyed boy.
with a milk mustache.

And a few brotherly love photos to warm your heart:

Yes, they fight over ridiculous things and get in each other's way every day but they have so, so much love for each other and are just the best little buddies.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Cullen @ 18 Months

This boy. I remember thinking before he was born how I was sad that we would never share the quiet, calm, cuddly days together the way Avery and I did but now that he's here and very much his own little person, I don't think he would've much cared for quiet, calm days anyway :)

Cullen brings so much joy to our days and keeps us on our toes. He's exactly like his big brother in some ways and the most polar opposite in others. He has a very strong personality and is so independent in every way. He is so brave and will try anything he sees Avery do (he has the bumps and bruises to prove it). He can do, say and understand way more than I feel he should be able to at his age, maybe it's just having so many more experiences under his belt due to having such a good big brother for role model to follow around all day.

Cullen loves to eat. Pretty much anything, anywhere, at any time. If he gets grouchy, 90% of the time the fix is a snack. He prefers to eat his sandwiches inside out (bread isn't his favorite) and is a pro with a fork and spoon. Ironically, at his 18 month appointment this week, he had lost 2 ounces but gained 2 inches since his 15 month appointment. He's reached the same point in his development that Avery did at this age - goodbye chubby baby and hello tall, lanky little boy!

Cullen won't allow me to be put him into his crib unless he has a book in hand. He doesn't necessarily read it, he just likes to fall asleep while touching it. His favorite bedtime story is Goodnight Moon and he refuses to let me read any other page of The Very Hungry Caterpillar than the Saturday page (the page full of junk food, he just loves it!) If he wakes up during the night (not often, but it does still happen) I pick him up and he gives me a quick squeeze before reaching back for his bed. It's almost like he's just checking to be sure I'm still nearby and can hear him.

He's a very diligent cleaner. He is adamant that he carry his own plate to the sink after he
gets out of his high chair (a behavior learned big brother I am sure). If he spills his milk, he rushes to the sink to grab the towel and wipes up the entire mess before putting the towel back where he got it. If he walks past drawers that are left a couple inches open, he closes them. He helps unload the dishwasher by putting away all of the silverware and any piece of clothing he finds on the floor, he places it in the washer. He's just the sweetest thing.

Cullen still absolutely hates having his diaper changed. He's a strong little bugger and keeping him in place while changing a diaper is nothing short of what I can only imagine wrestling an octopus must be like. The potty is definitely on his radar though, and every time he sees Avery go he pulls his pants off and demands a turn too. Hopefully this means potty training will happen sooner rather than later! 

Some of Cullen's favorite words: Truck, Tractor, Bella, Please, Mama, Dog, Shoes, Clock, Fish, Snack, Ears, Nose, Ball, Yuck, This? 

Cullen is our rascal boy and is just hilarious. He knows how to play tricks on us and then just laughs and laughs and laughs. He has a resting worried face and comes off as very timid and shy but he is really quite the opposite. When he smiles, his entire face transforms and is absolutely contagious. We're in for trouble with that sweet rascal face :)