Thursday, April 18, 2013

Project Life: Avery's First Year - Month 4

Month 4 - Spread 1 - with Avery helping photo bombing :)
A bunch of photos from our daily life: fun on the activity mat and Exersaucer, chillin' with his cool Brewers gear, his first experience with a fish tank.

I added a 8.5 x 4 insert with 6 pictures of Avery flirting with himself in a mirror :) 
(Some of my favorite Avery pictures!)

A close up of the insert - I just sewed the pictures into a page protector with my sewing machine and cut the excess off. As I was doing this, I realized how ironic it is that I use 'Avery' brand pages :)
A little journaling and some pictures from 'the accident' which kept us stuck in a cubicle in the emergency room for 10 hours. Some more date-stamp-on-fabric and sewn fabric pennants.
A fun memory we have of Avery (the green and blue background is cut out of a Kleenex box!) and a family outing to the 'Feast of the Hunter's Moon'.

Month 4 - Spread 2 - Avery's current sleep habits (or lack thereof), a visit from Grandma & Grandpa Stewart, & Avery's first letter!

Avery in his sleep suit, a page out of our 'sleep journal' (this month we were tracking all his night wakings trying hard to get him on some sort of sleep schedule...) Cards with cloth details and the little sheep is a scrapbook embellishment.
Avery's first letter from his cousin Emma in Maine! I just 3 hole punched the envelope and inserted it. I also stuck in a little note that my aunt & uncle sent Avery this month.

Our little outlaw. I had a couple of extra pictures I wanted to include on this page, so I just made a little double-sided pocket out of a leftover piece of page protector and sewed it into place.

A cute shot helping dad, a family photo in our matching SOA shirts :) and a shot of Avery and Max, all captions are on cut grid journal cards with little cloth details.
These are the only 2 spreads for month 4. I guess after I got smoked in the eye with a baseball, not much happened around here. (or maybe I just wasn't spending much time behind the camera!) That's ok though, because month 5 has a few extra pages to make up for it!

And if you need a little laugh to help lift your spirits (will it EVER stop raining?!), here's a little bathtime bubble fun with Avery - LOVE that belly laugh!  :)

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