Sunday, March 24, 2013

Avery - 9 Month Photos!

I finally got around to taking Avery's 9 month pictures (after the runny nose and red eyes from his recent sickness went away) 

It's definitely become much harder to wrangle him in and keep him in one spot while trying to get him to smile/look at me all at the same time :)  Luckily, the boys across the street were playing basketball this past week and between watching them and playing with a piece of the plant in the bedroom (sorry little plant, thanks for taking one for the team), Avery was as happy as could be! I took advantage of this moment and got some pretty cute faces that are very characteristic of this little man lately. He is at such a fun - and funny!- age right now (although I've said that every month I think) and he's really interacting with everything and everyone around him. In the last week he started clapping, giving high-fives AND he climbed the entire flight of stairs (with mom and dad there for support of course) He's surprising us with something new every day. I'm trying my best to keep up :)
Can you spot that one top tooth poking through?!  
I'm convinced this little plaid shirt makes him look 6 months older... *cue mama tears*


  1. I love that you used the word "wrangle" because I say that ALL the time now that I have two!!!

    Yep, can see that top tooth, he has such a big smile :) I think he looks like his Daddy for sure. Is that the general consensus or am I way off?!!

  2. I think you're right, Amy. For the longest time everyone thought he looked so much like me but I think as his face is thinning out and he's getting bigger he definitely looks a lot like his daddy!

    I'm sending positive mama thoughts your way as you wrangle those two cuties :) I know I'm certainly not ready to be chasing around another quite yet!