Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Friday!

It's been a long week of sickness and teething around here, and it is with much relief that I can report that Avery slept the whole night through last night (the first time since the sickness hit, over a week ago!), he has his healthy appetite back, now has one top tooth poking through (almost 2!), and is back to his happy little active self.  Amen to that! 

We are looking forward to a fun weekend celebrating a very special FIRST birthday for Avery's BFF, Max and to seeing both Aunt Janessa AND Uncle Josh next week!! 

 P.S. The spring-fever craft bug has hit me HARD the last couple of weeks! I'll hopefully have some photos to share soon - Have you been itching to create anything new??

TGIF!  Happy Dance!

1 comment:

  1. love it!!!!! the only thing better that baby kisses are baby dances!!! right?! have a great weekend, happy crafting, and don't forget to start brushing those teeth! ;)