Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Max!!

Last Saturday, we spent the day celebrating a very special FIRST Birthday with Avery's BFF, Max!! I've been starving for craft projects around here lately, so when I found out that his mom and dad were planning a Dr. Seuss party, I volunteered myself (and Max's willing Godmother) the official 'decorators' :) I had SO MUCH FUN making 'Truffula Tree' table centerpieces, a Seuss-inspired birthday hat and even got my sewing machine out and stitched up a pennant birthday banner and mini high-chair banner for the birthday boy!

I even got to help whip up some cake pops the night before, which turned out mighty fine after a few minor setbacks ;)
(and how cute is that Dr. Seuss hat cake his mom & dad created?!)
It's gotten me super excited to start planning a not-so-far-off first birthday party for another rapidly growing little man I know!

Tissue paper pom poms - tutorial here
Yarn pom poms - tutorial here
 'Seuss Stew' - recipe here

Avery had such a good time at the party, and kept himself entertained with a water bottle for well over an hour. I can't believe how big he looks in his little dress shirt that matches daddy's  :)

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  1. He does look so grown up in his dress shirt! I absolutely love how much entertainment a water bottle can provide. Awesome party :)