Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Avery: 11 months!

Look at those long legs!! Who would've thought...?  ;)

A friend of mine commented on a photo that I posted of Avery on Facebook the other day and it has really helped me come to peace with the fact that my itty bitty baby (although he never really was 'itty bitty'...) is going to be a whole year old. She said:

"Time really does fly but just look at all the fun you have had!!!"   

These words have been ringing in my mind ever since because she's totally right. It's crazy to believe a whole year has almost past, but it's equally crazy to think of how much FUN we've had this last year! I was out weed whacking today and was remembering back to early last summer when I was doing that very same chore the day before Avery was born.  I was out there all big and bloated whacking weeds (to prepare for him, of course!) and thinking of how drastically life was going to change. At 9 months pregnant I was so incredibly happy. Even out whacking weeds, I remember being so at peace with my life and so ready for this next step. I had no idea that the happiness I felt that day could have multiplied to become what it is now. Not a day has gone by since Avery was born that I don't take a minute to just soak in the amazing gift he is in my life and how much love, joy, and laughter he has brought Justin and I. (All the hours I've spent nursing have been such a blessing, giving me plenty of these moments to just sit and stare at him and soak in how fast he's growing and changing.)   

So thank you, Patty for helping me put things in perspective! Avery has grown way too fast, but I have been SO BLESSED to have been able to be here with him as he's growing every single day. He's even getting more and more fun as he gets older, I'm looking forward to him being a 'one year old' :)

That being said, here's some things that Avery has been up to this month:
• He figured out a sippy cup (After trying for a while now, I watched him sit for about 20 minutes to figure it out- now he's a pro!)

• His 6th tooth (4th on bottom) popped through!

• He's taken a couple of steps on his own, but no full-out walking yet. He only needs one hand for assistance these days though, so he can carry a toy in the other :)
• This month, he tried: spinach/egg souffles, salmon (Much to my disappointment, he was NOT a fan...), watermelon, lasagna, olives, brussel sprouts, Olive Garden breadsticks, blueberry pancakes at iHop - bless his little heart, he's still an AMAZING eater!!  *fingers crossed* this continues!
• He sleeps with his butt up in the air and face squished against the bumper. 

• He turns EVERYTHING into a walker. The stroller, his little picnic table, his high chair, his rocking horse - if he can push it, he uses it to get around. Our house is constantly being 're-arranged' :)

• When he hears music, he can't help but dance. I don't even think he can control it, he just HAS to move. If he's crawling when the music turns on, he wiggles his hips, if he's in the car or his high chair, he headbangs. He's even good at switching up his moves when we play different types of music :)

• He got to spend time with both Grandma and Grandpa Olive AND Grandma and Grandpa Stewart! 

• He's started mimicking what we say/sounds we make. We were THAT crazy mom/baby duo at the store the other day saying 'weee!' back and forth to each other while cruising up and down the isles

• He still nurses 4 times a day, but for much less time - he's way too distracted with all that's going on around him these days!

• He waves at pretty much every loud vehicle that drives by our house - the garbage guys, the mail-lady, the UPS guy, and pretty much every construction truck that drives by. It's really sweet that they all wave back :)

• He is SO CUDDLY!  I will never get enough cuddles. Ever.

• He STILL - yes, still, and for most of his life- has a rash on his arms, legs, and feet. I've officially tried every cream and bath soak under the sun. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to bother him, but it looks so terrible...

• His hair curls up in the back! I may never cut it ;)

• Despite his slew of toys, his favorite things to play with are shoes, any electronics he gets his hands on when we aren't looking, Bella's water dish, and emptying out the utensil drawer and tupperware cupboard in the kitchen. Yep, the toddler has arrived! 

• He's a great gardening helper! He really loves sitting outside picking grass or helping me water the gardens (of course, there's water involved...)

• He listens to music during dance time bath time :)

• He throws a good old-fashioned temper tantrum from time to time, but thankfully as of right now it only lasts about 30 seconds and just takes a little re-direction to get him back smiling again.

• He got some more practice time in with the hiking backpack - we head out to the Smoky Mountains in just a couple of weeks!

I've finally jumped into Avery's birthday party crafting - I'm starting to get really excited about the little party we're going to have at our house!  I'm also excited to share pictures here afterwards - Stay tuned!

We're headed off to St. Louis tomorrow for a fun weekend complete with a trip to the zoo, a Budweiser tour, and a day watching daddy play baseball under the arch!!  We're so excited for our first little roadtrip of the summer and at only 4.5 hours away, we think it's the perfect distance for our little busy-body. :)