Friday, December 19, 2014

Cullen - 9 Months!

Cullen had his 9 month checkup at the beginning of the week and the doctor confirmed what I already knew: This child is growing like a WEED. Honestly, I swear I see him growing in front of my eyes most days. Literally. He's growing right now.
His 9 month stats: 
22.7 pounds (90th percentile)  
29.5 inches (90th percentile) 
He's almost exactly the same height as Avery was at 9 months, but 2 pounds heavier.

At 9 Months, Cullen...
Anything Avery is doing/playing with

Opening & closing doors
Climbing everything, especially the stairs

Being put down in his crib on his side
Eating (sweet potatoes and cheerios/puffs are his favorite)
Digging in plants
Drinking from cups and straws
Ripping -and eating- magazines 
Pushing walking toys
Music and Dancing
'Driving' cars and truck, sound effects included
Talking "Bah Bah, Dada & Mama"
Mimicking sounds (especially funny ones that Avery makes)

Diaper changes
Getting Dressed/Undressed (imagine trying to wrangle a very strong octopus)
Being alone 
Not being allowed to eat dog food
Not being allowed to eat Play Doh

Not being allowed to eat paper 
Not being allowed to eat [insert any non-edible item he gets his little scavenger hands on]
In the early morning hours of December 4, Cullen woke up in the night with a scary barking cough and labored breathing. I spent the rest of the night lying vigil next to his crib listening to his raspy breathing pattern and jumping up every time he got quiet. It was torture. A doctor's appointment the next day confirmed my Google diagnosis: Croup. 

He was given an oral steroid that helped relieve some of the swelling so he could breathe easier. Although the steroid did its job, it also made him WIRED so we spent the next 2 nights sitting up with a baby who only wanted to crawl in circles and bang on the wall. By day 3, this mama had about lost her mind due to worry and lack of sleep and Cullen could barely keep his eyes open so we discontinued the steroid and all finally got some rest. Cullen has now finally made it to the other side of this sickness and with some souvenirs: THREE new teeth to balance out his lone snaggle-tooth on top. (because apparently being uncomfortable with the croup wasn't quite enough, he had to be cutting new teeth too... poor guy.) It was pretty much miserable to see my happy-go-lucky boy so lethargic and sad. Thankfully he's finally back to his sweet self and seems happier than ever.
Cullen has mastered his 'rascal' face: the little pursed-lip smirk he gives when he knows he's doing something naughty (plant digging, playing in Bella's water bowl, etc.) 
Don't tell him, but it's my favorite of his faces ;) 

While nursing Cullen to sleep, he will sometimes pull off and grunt up at me to see if I'm awake. If I keep my eyes closed and pretend I'm sleeping, he will go back to nursing and fall asleep :) If I'm nursing him when Avery is around, they play a game where Cullen pulls off and cranes his neck around to get a kiss from Avery ("Hi Cullen! Kiss? Okay!") then turns back around while they both giggle (this cycle then continues for 5 minutes) 

My baby boy is creeping ever closer to his first birthday and it makes me so sad thinking about how fast time is going BUT I'm doing everything in my power to take full advantage of these baby days. I am soaking up every squeeze, snuggle and giggle and I don't get too worked up about him reaching any of his milestones too early. Some of the happiest moments in my days are spent watching Cullen laugh and play with his big brother. Those two have just been best buddies from the start and I can see that bond growing every single day. Is there anything better than that?!

I took this photo ------------> at the beginning of the month and I feel like he's aged so much more than 30 days since. With all the moving he's been doing this month, he's already losing this round baby face and it's amazing how those top teeth change his entire look! (but so far, his adorable little head of hair is still as red as can be!)

There's something so wonderful about a baby's first Christmas and Cullen is at the perfect age to take in every little thing with such amazement. This boy, his sweet big brother and his amazing daddy sure make me thankful for everything I've been given in this life.

I hope your Christmas is filled with wonder and magic. Cheers to another great year in 2015! 

Avery @ 9 Months

Sunday, December 7, 2014


This week we spent a few days back in St. Louis spending time with family for Thanksgiving. We had the opportunity to visit a couple of St. Louis' neatest 'museums'. This one, The City Museum, blew our minds. Avery had the time of his life crawling and climbing and sliding and exploring, it was so fun to watch him being so adventurous and brave! It's a place checked off my bucket list that I didn't even know was on my bucket list. There really isn't a way that I can explain it that will do it justice; It's like one gigantic living piece of artwork that adults and kids alike can climb all over. If you ever get the chance, GO. You won't regret it. We have already talked about making this an annual trip.

This picture. 
I'm almost to the end of my first 52 weeks of this project and I feel it wouldn't be giving a fair glimpse into the life of my sweet two-year-old without documenting this face. Looking at it now it breaks my heart but in the heat of the moment during a 2 year-old meltdown it doesn't quite have that effect. 

On this particular day, Avery used his dry erase markers on some toys that were not his dry erase board and got his markers taken away for the day. To help diffuse the situation once the crying started, I grabbed my camera off the counter and started taking his picture. It distracted (and confused) him enough that he completely forgot why he was crying and the tears stopped just as quickly as they began. Score!

And to leave you on a happier note, I had to share this video because I want to remember how Avery refers to himself in the third person. It's just the cutest thing ever and now that he's starting to say 'me' and 'mine' more, I know the days are numbered.