Sunday, September 18, 2011

365 Project: Week 34 - Tall things, Short things, and... Robots!

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This week, I did a lot of traveling from school to school for work, so many of my photos were taken on the road. I got to drive by the wind farms numerous times and even got to eat some school lunch! 

This weekend, Justin and I hit up some rummage sales and stumbled across Brookston's 'Apple and Popcorn Festival' on Saturday, where we were lucky enough to catch the Brookston beauty pageant/talent show, which was adorable! It was a gorgeous fall day to be out and about! On Sunday, we stopped by the 'Art on the Wabash' art fair, where we stumbled across 'Kitchen Robots', charming little robots created by a local artist who takes recycled/repurposed/thrifted pieces of metal and creates characters out of them - I fell in love with each and every one! 
 Click here to see some of the pieces she's already sold on Etsy. *Swoon!*

It's been feeling much more like fall around here... have you been crafting anything 'seasonal?' More importantly, have you checked out Sons of Anarchy, yet?! Episode 2 was just as good as the first!


  1. Ohh... Amanda I love your pics and I love you!!! I miss you soo much!! I loved that candy shop when we came!! Miss you----love your fav: goddaughter

  2. Love your pics!!! When we see eachother again we'll take more ofe and you for your blog ok??!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  3. ThanK you, my love! Now go to sleep you crazy girl!! You have school tomorrow!!

  4. I went to sleep after that and I was listening to my fav Pandora