Sunday, November 20, 2011

365 Project: Week 47: Christmas Crafts!

This week was very productive - I've jumped in head-first to Christmas crafting! Many of the photos are only partial projects because they may end up being gifts in a few weeks! We got to Skype with Justin's sister and her family on Friday night which was SO AWESOME... I really wish we didn't live so far away, but thank goodness for technology!! 

At long last, here are finally some photos from the AMAZING tote bag that Lisa from Git Down Kitty made for me as part of an 'Art Trade'! You should check out all the awesome stuff she makes, she's truly a talented quilter/goddess of the sewing machine and not only made me this amazing bag, but this wall hanging too if you remember! These gifts give me goosebumps!! 
Just to be clear, this bag is HUGE!! The inside pocket pictured above fits full size notebooks/folders. I could seriously tote Bella's full-grown 65-pound self around in it! (and it's constructed so strongly I probably could!)

I also took some time this week to reflect on WHO I'm thankful for and WHAT it is about them that I'm most thankful and sent them a note to let them know -- have you done anything similar to celebrate Thanksgiving? I hope to start some new traditions that make Thanksgiving more about recognizing WHAT it is that I'm thankful for and not just eating too much turkey and pie... and today I'm SO thankful that we're packing up the Olive circus (Bella and Jasper get to come too!) tomorrow and heading to Wisconsin for a week to spend some much-anticipated family time!!  I hope you're able to enjoy time with your family this week and stop to think for a minute WHAT it is that you're most thankful for - it's amazing how much comes to mind! 


  1. Aw, thank you for the goddess thing! LOL My goal in life is to be a sewing rock star. lol. So I have to get famous at it somewhere along the way. Thank you for taking pics of it for me- you took way better ones than I would have!

    Super anxious to see what that thing is with the buttons and looks like felt and stitching? It looks like it's gonna be CUTE.

    You know, I am heading to my mom's on Tuesday, and will be there til Saturday... are you going to be at Jim's? we aren't all that far from him... think a couple hours? I would teach you that tote bag class I am gonna do. I could use a dry run! And you would have a lovely bag!

  2. LOTS to be thankful for this year!!!!!!

  3. Lisa - - We actually aren't even going up to Rhinelander for Thanksgiving... Jim and Linda just came to visit us a couple of weeks ago so we're crossing one stop off our list this year - bummer!!! I would've LOVED to be your 'dry run'!! (p.s. - the stitching/buttons project was TOTALLY inspired by you... and Pinterest)

    Sally - We ABSOLUTELY do!! :) So close, mama!