Friday, April 20, 2012

Mommy Moment

Forgive me for my posts being so few lately, I've been working on quite a few (more) projects around here, using as much of the time we have left to work through my 'before-baby-comes-to-do-list'. 

Baby is still doing really well (and so am I!) He's been facing head-down for the last two visits with our midwife - which is great as long as he just stays that way and doesn't switch directions in the coming weeks! He's been so active, and his acrobatics are starting to affect my sleep! (but I still love feeling him move... even at 3 a.m. :) I feel like I'm getting bigger by the day - For fun, here's a visual of how far we've come in the last 4 months:
I've been working quite a bit the last couple of weeks, but will be virtually done after next week! Baby boy is a very good side-kick and has been a good sport about allowing me to cart around photo equipment and tolerating a camera bumping on his head (or his bottom!) from day to day. Although my body has thankfully allowed me to do quite a bit of physical activity at work, I'm grateful to be winding down, as it's been taking me progressively longer to set-up, take-down and load and un-load equipment.

We had an AMAZING (although short...) trip home to Wisconsin two weekends ago - to attend a baby shower that my mom and sisters held for us. (I will be posting more on that (with photos!) shortly - it was absolutely perfect!!)

Last weekend, we took Bella to Turkey Run State Park and got to take a hike in one of the most beautiful areas we've found in Indiana yet! It was a gorgeous day and the landscape is so unlike Indiana (so... NOT flat!) that we almost forgot which state we were in for an hour or so! (For those of you Wisconsin-ites, it was a lot like Devil's Punchbowl - only more of it!)

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