Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Avery Kicks Off His Eating Adventure!

One month ago today, Avery took his first bites of rice cereal! We decided he was ready because he slurped up his Vitamin D supplement drops they were going out of style and he was certainly big enough to take the next step. He was so excited from the very first bite- he kicked his feet, grabbed for the spoon and whined when we didn't get the next bite to him soon enough. :) 

Since then, he's tried sweet potatoes, pears, bananas and peas and so far has loved them all. It seems we have a good eater on our hands!  He even had the pleasure of being fed by some of his favorite people while we were visiting family in Wisconsin! 
Avery is so lucky to have so many people that love and adore him so much :)

I am SO far behind on blogging... We made a trip to Wisconsin, have been battling sickness, preparing for Christmas and having lots of cute photo shoots in the last month - I have actually taken so many photos that I'm a bit overwhelmed, but I'll be slowly getting them organized into posts over the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned :)

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