Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project Life: Update

Some of you, my most loyal and treasured readers, may remember many months ago when I started Avery's 'Project Life' Baby Book. Since then, Avery was born and these last 7+ months have FLOWN by. 

That said, I have NOT given up on Project Life but have just gotten a bit behind. It's my goal to be up to date by springtime and I've been making pretty good progress during naptime! (Avery has been taking two 1.5-2 hour naps consistently for the past few weeks, giving me lots of time to work)  I'll be updating my progress here to help keep me accountable ;)

Here are some shots of pages that I had started when I posted the first time (you can find it here if you didn't see it or would like to see the progress) but hadn't yet finished. (these are pre-birth pages... that I'm finally now finishing... 8 months later...)

COVER (It was SO hard to choose ONE photo for this...)

Ok, so PAGE 1 isn't actually finished, but I think I may wait until the end
of his first year until I decide what else to add.

PAGES 2-3. Page 3 was one of the few already finished pages from my first post,
so nothing changed there, but I did add quite a few things to page 2.
(the 'All About Mom/All About Dad' is a small page double sided insert that I created)

PAGE 2: Our furry family members that preceded Avery, a picture of our home
and of the welcome sign into our neighborhood.

PAGE 2: Some highlights about our town/area, a map of Lafayette/West Lafayette,
and some personal notes about where we live.

PAGE 4-5: Page 5 (and the small sheet inserts documenting each month of my pregnancy) was another already finished page, but I added/changed a few things about page 4 (Avery's nursery)

PAGE 4: Although this was finished at the time of my last post, I pulled it out because
it would've given away Avery's name that we were keeping secret ;) 

PAGE 4: I wrote a few personal notes about the quilt I made for Avery (Full Post on that HERE),
included a photo and this great little 'blurb' from Eric Carle that I found on the tag
of one of Avery's toys that fits perfectly to describe his nursery theme.

****Pages 6-7 are still in progress... Page 7 includes pictures from my baby shower in Indiana, but page 6 is still blank as can be... I'm working on it ;)*****

PAGES 8-9: My Baby Shower in Wisconsin!

PAGE 9: A 12"x12" scrapbook page that my aunt/godmother made for me including the awesome invites my sister made, a picture of me with the caterpillar cake, and some personal notes I wrote about the amazing day

Page 9 is filled with the layouts that I created to put on the blog (See that post HERE), I just printed them out and slid them in (It was all the pictures I wanted to include and all the work was already done!)

PAGES 10-11: Some belly shots @ 39 weeks and our 'Babymoon' to the Smoky Mountains @ 35 weeks
PAGE 10: Looking at these belly shots makes me remember how much I really did love being pregnant...

PAGE 10: A quote I stole found on Pinterest... SO perfect.

PAGE 11: Some personal notes about the trip. I bought a date stamper to add some neat details

PAGE 11: A few photos of me hauling this big 'ol belly all over the mountains
PAGE 11: A map of the hiking trails, a blurb about Clingman's Dome, and us at the top of it!

WHEW! I finally finished (almost) all of the pre-baby pages! Because I don't want to overwhelm you, I'm going to stop there (I actually do have another couple of pages ready, but I'll save them for another day this week, so check back.) 

**Avery slept THROUGH THE NIGHT last night for the first time ever - and almost 11 hours at that, so I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today. Look at the things I can get done with a full night of sleep and a 1/2 pot of coffee!! Look out, people!  :)

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. This is awesome!! I'm so excited to see your pages (since I can't see them in person.) I love the details with fabric and that quote is so amazing I got goosebumps! You are going to be so proud of this book and have so much fun looking back at it someday. :) I can't even imagine all of the photos you are going to have from Avery's first year!!! Good luck. :)

  2. Thanks, Sally!! I really am glad that I'm doing this, even if it does take me longer than expected :) Its already been fun looking back at my pregnancy days. I hope I can fit all the pages with Averys photos all in the same book, seeing as I have close to a billion!

  3. It looks really really great!! I am embarking on my baby's Project Life book, and so I've been looking on Pinterest for some inspiration. Very happy that yours came up because I just love some of your ideas. I love the All about Mom insert and love love love your nursery page - firstly the 'panoramic' pic of the nursery across the middle photos. AND that you used fabric from the quilt for the filler cards - brilliant! So stealing!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Nat,
      Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed my ideas - feel free to steal as needed :) It's so good to hear positive feedback, it keeps me motivated to keep trying new things. Best of luck to you with your book, I hope to see some of your pages in the future!