Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ariya @ 6 months old!!

Ariya continues to be a dream baby. The kind of baby I've heard stories about but didn't believe actually existed. She couldn't be more easy-going and happy, constantly smiling and content. She sleeps, eats, is healthy, and loves everyone. Walking into a room and watching her face light up to see me is probably one of the greatest joys of my life. These babies... what a power they have over sappy mamas like me!

At her 6 month well-baby checkup, Ariya weighed in at 18.5 pounds and 28" long, in the 90/95 percentile. She wears a few 9-month outfits but is onto mostly 12 month clothing. (skinny pants for infants are sort of a joke...right?)  

Her first tooth (on the lower left) popped through yesterday (Jan 9) and she's been chewing on everything in sight. Although she will tolerate being on her tummy for short periods, it's not her favorite so she's mastered sitting and crawling isn't even on her radar yet. (Which is just fine with me, I've been working on hiding away the small jewels, Legos and coins that I find but somehow new ones keep appearing.)

Ariya loves to eat! On top of being a very efficient nurser, she got her first puree on Thanksgiving day and has worked up to eating twice a day- at breakfast and dinner. She's tried: oatmeal, peas, apples, mango, sweet potato, avacado, green beans and carrots. She loves them all (mango is her favorite) and gets very excited to eat when she gets in her high chair!
About a month ago, Ariya moved from sleeping in a cradle in our room to sharing a room with Avery and sleeping in a crib! After numerous failed attempts at getting Avery and Cullen to share a room, it just made sense to put our best sleeper (Ariya) in with our oldest sleeper (Avery). So far, it's working out great and Avery is so proud to share a room with his li'l sis.

We spent our holidays at home this year and Ariya enjoyed every bit of her first Christmas. She is at THE perfect age for it - old enough to get joy from all the little things like wrapping paper and lights but young enough to stay where I put her and not EAT said wrapping paper and lights :)  

Avery and Cullen continue to love love LOVE Ariya. For as much as they bicker with each other, they are nothing but sweet, kind, and gentle with li'l sis. This little girl is so loved, by so many. She's brought so much joy to our life, I can't imagine what we would do without her!

I took so many photos this month that were meant to make their way to Instagram and well... didn't. Here are some of my favorites of my girl

And a few of my favorite videos!

2016 was so, so good to us. 

We are excited to welcome 2017 and all the adventures that await!

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