Friday, May 5, 2017

Ariya Marie | 9 Months!

Ariya is on the move! On February 28, Ariya took her very first crawling stretches and she woke up on the 29th and was off like she'd been crawling all her life. The next day she pulled up to standing and now she's essentially looking like a toddler and I wasn't quite ready for it. 

Ariya wants to play with anything that isn't formally considered a toy so we basically have baskets of colorful, singing decor taking up space in every corner of house while she happily spends her days hunting down and knawing on Nerf darts :) She puts everything in her mouth but thankfully (knock on wood) has yet to have any choking incidents.

Ariya is growing at about the same rate as her brothers did at this age: WAY too fast. At her 9 month appointment, she measured in at:
29.5" long (95th percentile)
21 lbs (81st percentile)

Ariya eats finger foods almost exclusively now and is still a good eater. She very much prefers fruits to vegetables, blueberries, grapes and mango being a few of her favorites. She will often clean all the fruit off her plate, throw the rest off onto the floor and whine for more of her beloved fruit... such a rascal. In other news, she's consumed her weight in dirt and sand and summer hasn't even officially begun yet. Yikes!

Ariya is such a celebrity when we go out and about. She smiles her big winner smile and just loves to have people talking to her. She's started saying 'hi' and waving when we pass people and going grocery shopping is the best, I just love watching her spread her light throughout the store. "Hi Dada!" is her sweetest phrase and something she says very frequently now when Justin walks into the room. She tends to only say "mama mama" when she's tired and wants to nurse, but I'll take what I can get :) Clapping is still one of her favorites. She knows what 'no' means and when I do say 'no' and she listens, she immediately applauds herself and giggles.

Time is a crazy thing, and motherhood has totally warped my sense of it. I find myself wanting to take photos of everything or write things down more so I don't forget these days, I'm so grateful I get to spend them with my babies. A fun little photo project 39 weeks in and 39 weeks out:

And our sweet baby girl at 9 months old. This world is such a brighter place with her in it!

Avery at 9 months here

Cullen at 9 months here 


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