Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Back!

These past few weeks, since my 365 project has been completed, I've been taking a hiatus of sorts from blogging/spending so much time on the computer in general. It's nice to disconnect sometimes - it's amazing how much extra time I have when I'm not spending it all aimlessly browsing the internet! (I have to admit, I have still been checking in with Pinterest from time to time... I just can't get enough of the inspiring ideas I find on there!) 

In my new-found free time, I've been working/crafting/decorating/entertaining and enjoying the amazing weather we've been having in Indiana!
----------Here's some of the highlights-------

20 weeks = Hello... BELLY!
- I've been in awe of baby's increasing movement inside me. I was at a conference for work earlier this week and found myself starting down at my belly for extended periods of time WATCHING my belly poke out every time he gave a little kick. It's just an amazing thing!

- The decorating of Baby Olive's room is practically FINISHED! (I got nursery fever a couple of weeks ago and couldn't shake it, so we just went ahead and got to work while the mood was striking us!)

- My mom, step-dad, sister & brother (+ his girlfriend) came to visit last weekend so we could celebrate a belated 'Christmas' together. IT was so nice having them around for a few days - our house came to life!

- I started working on my first-ever QUILT for baby boy - I have all the pieces cut and have started assembling the blocks! I'm so excited that it's going according to plan and that I have an incentive (and a June 'deadline') to move from 'just practicing' to the real thing!

I've also been working on a few miscellaneous projects around the house that I've had the energy lately to start- AND FINISH!  I'll be posting photos of all these exciting happenings in the next few days- stay tuned! :)


  1. Too cute! I love the bump. :) And having a baby DRASTICALLY changes's impossible to be on the computer with a baby around. Kind of annoying actually, because I NEED to check emails and pay bills and it's impossible to find the time. He cries as I type this comment. ;) LOVE YOU and hope to see you soon!!!!

  2. Awww... poor Edwin wants his mommy all to himself- can you blame him?! I figure I should probably post as much as I can now BEFORE baby comes because I know you're right - things will NOT be this quiet around here and computer access will fall to the back burner! I miss you so much - I think we're coming home in April - Easter weekend - for the baby shower! Will you be around? You'll DEFINITELY be getting an invite!! Love you!