Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mommy Moment

I'm going to try my best to keep you updated with the progress of my pregnancy without totally taking over my entire blog talking about it (although it IS pretty much all I think about these days!) 

Please don't confuse the 'parts' - refer to the arrow :)
We found out at our ultrasound appointment a couple of weeks ago that...
Baby Olive is a BOY! 
We're super excited to meet this little guy - sometimes it seems like 9 months takes forever, and sometimes it seems like it's flying by! It seems my belly has emerged in full force in the last few weeks, and I've recently been struggling with my wardrobe in the mornings. Although I have purchased some maternity clothes, it seems those are still a bit too big, while my regular clothes are a bit too tight... it's an adjustment :) 

I've been making a 'journal' of sorts that incorporates the belly photo we take every month. It's more of a monthly letter to baby boy to keep him updated on his growth and see what kinds of things were happening in the months leading up to his birth. Maybe I'll bind them in a book of some sort for him. Here's our 20 week page:

Also - we got to take a few short video clips from the ultrasound with us - I've been watching them over and over ever since. Enjoy! 

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