Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Final Days

As I sit in waiting these last few days (hopefully!) of my pregnancy, I have lots of bittersweet emotions. I am so excited to have him out in the world I can barely stand it, but I also think it's going to be very strange to not have him squirming around inside. I know life as we know it around here is going to be drastically different, but I know that it will be so wonderful.

As I've said before, I've had the most uneventful (in a good way!) and easy pregnancy I could've ever asked for. I still feel great -almost TOO great- at 39 weeks and have been able to stay very active (and get good sleep!) without being too uncomfortable in my much larger state.

Bella and I are still walking our 1.2 mile loop every day (I credit Bella for helping me stay active and in in shape throughout my pregnancy - it's hard to take a 'lazy day' with her pushing that sweet little face in my lap as the afternoon approaches!) I am a little concerned about how she will react to our attention shift once baby comes and she is no longer the center of our universe, but I hope to still take time to walk with her every day after we get all settled in at home. She really is the sweetest pooch of all time, and I know she'll make a good little protector and lover of Baby O. (as long as he doesn't mind lots of doggy kisses!)

At my 39 week appointment last Friday, baby is still measuring right on target and has a very strong, regular heartbeat. Our midwife tells us that he's NOT going to be a 10 pound baby which is a relief, knowing Justin weighed about 10 1/2 pounds at birth. He has moved down to -2 station and I am 2 centimeters dilated! She even stripped my membranes slightly to hopefully get things moving a little more. I've been walking, squatting, and even bouncing on an exercise ball to get things moving along, but I have yet to feel any real contractions. We will go in next Thursday morning (his actual due date!) for more membrane stripping and hopefully some news that we've made progress!

Our house is ready, our bag is packed, my nesting complex (yes, it has officially turned into a complex...) continues, and we're as prepared as we can be for labor and delivery. For now, I'll be vacuuming, reading, gardening and resting as much as I can until Baby 'Pimento', as a friend describes him :), decides it's time!

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  1. I'm so glad you have enjoyed your pregnancy! I think you are going to have a great summer and will definitely be able to get out and walk Bella! Babies are so portable and easy to cart around when they are little. ;)

    And, I definitely wish I could have had you take pregnancy photos for me - they are gorgeous!