Sunday, February 20, 2011

365 Project: Week 7

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This week, Wisconsin has been in the spotlight as many public servants have been protesting the budget repair bill that Governor Walker has proposed. I didn't make the trip to Madison (although sometimes wish I had - can you imagine the GREAT photos that experience would produce?!) but held down the fort at school, teaching swimming lessons and meeting with parents at conferences. I also made some great chocolate peanut butter cups for Justin - you can find the recipe here. Mmmmm ... a perfect weekend treat!

As I type this, we are getting nothing less than a blizzard outside... filling in any holes in the snow banks that last week's meltdown created. I'm ready to welcome spring with open arms! Enough snow, already!

I caught a sweet moment between Justin & Bella today, which reminded me of a photo I took of the two just a short year ago ... my, how Bella has grown! It's hard for me to remember her being so tiny!

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