Tuesday, August 16, 2011

365 Project: Week 31 - Branching Out!

I worked every day this week taking photos at West Lafayette Jr. High School, but had plenty of time to fire up the 'ol sewing machine, hang up some inspiring art, and hang out with my mom and step-dad this weekend, showing them the sights!

I've decided that I'd like to learn how to sew AND quilt and in order to do so have purchased a 'how to quilt' book and have been getting to know my old/new sewing machine! When I moved to Indiana, my mom let me take this little Kenmore beauty with me and since she's used it all of maybe 3 times since she received it as a gift in 1983, it's practically brand new!! (and has TONS of super sweet attachments that I can't wait to learn to use!) I've pretty much been thinking about this new venture of mine all week, and can't wait to start actually making something!

One of the most exciting things of the last 2 weeks was receiving my amazing 'Mandala Tree' embroidered wall hanging from my friend/cousin-in-law Lisa from Git Down Kitty! I loved it so much, I found a place on the wall for it this week (which is really saying something, because I've hung all of 6 things on the wall in our new house so far) It was given a place of honor in my studio room to inspire my creativity and craftiness! It was SO MUCH LARGER than I imagined and SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL! It was great to follow along with her online as she made it, but was breathtaking in person! Check out her progress here, here, here, here, and here! We did an 'art trade' - I created her new logo for her 'Git Down Kitty' website and products, and she made me this amazing piece! (She also made me the most amazing bag I've ever had - I'll be sharing pics soon!) I think I DEFINITELY got the better end of the deal! Be sure to check out all the amazing quilts/accessories she's been working on - she's one of the most fun/unique quilters/crafters I know and is SO INSPIRING to me!!

In other news, I let Justin cut a table in half so I can experiment on it (stay tuned...:) and got to spend 4 great days with my mom and step-dad touring covered bridges (who knew Indiana had so many?! Check them out here!), eating out, trolling through the farmers market, going to a movie (I highly recommend seeing THE HELP - it's well worth it! I read the book first and am very happy with the movie adaptation!), and taking nature hikes to check out trees (where, thanks to Google, we now know the difference between Cottonwood, Walnut, Sycamore, Osage Orange, and Honey Locust (a.k.a. dark and evil) Indiana has some very unique trees!)

What a great week! Can you believe that SCHOOL started today in West Lafayette?! It was so odd to see the school bus driving through bright and early! A sure sign that fall is about here!


  1. YAY! I've been WAITING to hear what you thought of the stuff! Sosososo glad you love it. And SO HAPPY that you are teaching yourself to sew. I am totally here to answer questions- and you tube has a wealth of sewing and quilting info as well. Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words- and a video worth 10,000.

    I am dying to see what you do with the table... hmmmm...

  2. I love that huge tree hug! Too bad Bella can't get her paws around it too;) Happy sewing. I can't wait to see what you whip up!