Monday, August 29, 2011

365 Project: Week 33 - Fun, Family & Flowers!

This week, we became true Indianians (is that even a word?!) when we received our driver's licenses in the mail! It was another bitter-sweet moment, but fun to be 'official' I guess! 

Although I have still not hung many things on the walls in our house, I did create a fun framed piece - a cork-backed map of the United States with all the places Justin and I have visited together represented. Our hope is that this will encourage us to add more pins to the map (Nevada and Maine are next on our list!!) I shamelessly stole this idea from my most favorite site ever, YoungHouseLove  (if you haven't checked it out yet, DO!) They have posted MANY ways to make things for the home that are both sentimental AND relatively cheap! I found the idea for this map here.

Also, this weekend we were blessed with yet another family visit! The Hudsons rolled in late Thursday night and departed on Sunday afternoon. It was so nice to have them here to check out some of the more 'kid friendly' things that Lafayette/West Lafayette has to offer:
1. The (free!) Columbia Zoo and the park within it,
2. A sugar-high at McCord Candies in downtown Lafayette

3. Ice Cream at the Silver Dipper 
4. A trolley ride through downtown Lafayette and Purdue University (where we learned that Amelia Earhart used to live and go to school - who knew?!)
5. We even got our game on at Chuck E. Cheese! (Justin's been waiting!)
That, along with many walks with Bella, a soccer/killer ball-tag game with Justin, and a few episodes of 'Swamp People' made for one full and fun-packed weekend!

Also, Mikayla and I picked out a gorgeous Orchid flower to spice up the living room a bit, which means the challenge is ON for me to keep it alive (my sister seems to think I kill everything green, but NOT THIS TIME!)  **wish me luck...**

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