Friday, September 14, 2012

A Fun Avery Moment...

Avery loves mirrors. Whenever we walk past the one above our fireplace, we have to stop and have a giggle. (Avery giggles at himself...I giggle at him, giggling at himself :) So during tummy time the other day, I pulled out a mirror to see if he would enjoy it. 
I'll let you be the judge on whether he did or not... 

 Best. Faces. EVER.  How can you not giggle (or laugh 'till you cry like Justin and I do) at that sweet face?! This child just gets cuter by the day, I tell ya. My cup runneth over.

...And to top off this overload of cuteness, later that evening, we found Bella making herself at home on the Boppy pillow, gazing at herself in the mirror, too!  
Who knew a mirror I found for 25 cents at a garage sale could bring this much enjoyment?!


  1. What a honey! And his hair is getting thicker - I love it!!!! Seriously 4-6 months is such a great age, and beyond that is too! Gosh, babies are so great!!!!!

  2. Hi Amanda! I'm starting this blogging thing now too, i'm going to follow your blog because you're so good at it and because your little guy is soooo cute!!! I hope you heal fast from your crazy injury the other day... how scary. I hope all is well in Indiana! -Amy

    1. Thank you so much, Amy!! I'm glad you've jumped on the 'blog bandwagon'. I started blogging as a way to showcase my '365 Project', but it has now taken a turn to 'mommy blog' which has worked out so well now that we live away from all our family - they LOVE seeing Avery updates (especially my mom who doesn't have Facebook). I know you're in the same boat being away from your family - It truly is the easiest way to keep everyone in the loop with all the happenings with babies - they grow so fast! Your little Bennett is such a sweetie - I can't wait to see pictures of him with his new sibling! It will be precious!