Saturday, September 29, 2012

On This Day...

One year ago today, I took a test that would forever change our lives. It was such an incredibly exciting feeling watching those two pink lines appear... the first of many amazing feelings and experiences that were to come- 
What a difference ONE YEAR can make.

I very much enjoyed being pregnant and I will look back on that 9 months as some of the greatest of my life... until Avery made his appearance. Now my life is so full and so happy I can barely stand it. 

Avery is almost 4 months old and charming as can be. He's developing such a fun personality and watching him change every day brings us so much joy. Even when I wake up after a night of little sleep and peer over the side of the crib at the little Sleep-Thief himself, he uses his magical powers (transmitted through his sweet morning smile) to make me forget all about how exhausted I am and actually make me think about how much I missed him while sleeping. It's amazing. 

I'll be posting his '4 month' post shortly, I just wanted to drop in and share the significance of this day - what a crazy, beautiful, wonderful year it's been.

I realized that I usually share photos of Avery smiling, which he does most of the day, but he makes so many other faces now that he 'talks' and interacts more, I just had to share :)


  1. LOOOOVE IT!!!! Amazing how that 2nd little pink line brings so many emotions. I used the same brand of tests ;)

  2. What a cutie - he looks just like his pretty mommy!!!! LOVE those big brown eyes. :) And yes, what a difference a year makes indeed! And I hope that a year from now, the accident with your eye is a distant memory. I bet you will always stop and reflect though at what "could have" happened and always squeeze Avery a little extra hard because of it. I hope you are feeling better and off of bed rest too.