Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Avery @ 3 Months!

This month has been full of visitors and adventures! 
Avery got snuggled by lots of family, got in a couple of bike rides, took a trip to the beach (for the second time!), grew out of his 3 month clothes (and some of his 6 months already...), ate lots (growth spurt again?), drooled all over the place,  sat up in his bumbo seat and jumped around in his exersaucer, and can hold his head up all on his own!

We've introduced Avery to a couple new things this month - his Bumbo seat and his Exersaucer.
He's still trying to figure them both out but is enjoying them so far! 

Now that Avery is 3 months old, I'm SO grateful that I'm able to continue to stay home with him and not go back to work.  Although I often miss teaching (especially now that it's back-to-school time), It's been a dream of mine to stay home to raise my babies and since moving to Indiana, that dream became a reality.  Avery's getting to a point developmentally where he enjoys looking and batting at toys and I'm looking forward to more 'play time' with him in the months to come. I'm glad to be here with him as he's learning new tricks, which happens all the time these days :)

That said, we've definitely had to make some adjustments to living on one income. We're trying to find ways to cut back and conserve money the best we can so we have enough in our account for the basics (mortgage, student loans, groceries, etc.).  It's going to be a challenge and we're going to have to get better at budgeting, but we think it's definitely worth it to be able to be home with Avery.

Avery's 'Milestones' This Month:
  • He sits up in his Bumbo seat and likes to bat toys around on the tray
  • He spends some time in his exersaucer and loves listening/staring at the toys
  • Tummy time is becoming more fun now that he can hold his head up! He enjoys staring at toys and mirrors set up in front of him (especially the ones that make noise)
  • He chews his right fist all day - we think he's working on fitting the entire thing in his mouth! (the chewing leads to lots of drooling!)
  • He's getting good at lifting his feet up when laying on his back - he's so close to rolling right over!
  • He greets us every morning with a smile and has the cutest laugh/giggle!
  • He 'talks', squeals and 'coughs' at his toys when laying on his play mats
  • He met his first GREAT grandpa and took part in a 4 generation Olive men photo! :)

Fun Fact:  The blanket that I took Avery's 11 week photo on was the very same one that my mom took a photo of me on in back in the day. I was about 8 months old in this photo!

And since we're cracking out the baby photos, here's one of Justin at 3 months! :) I can definitely see some Avery in that sweet face!


  1. I can totally see how the budgeting thing would be tricky, but I have a feeling you are going to be a rockstar "frugal" mom. And, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Avery will only be little for a short amount of time and you will have lots of time to make money in the future. You are still an excellent teacher even if you take time off for your kiddos (it's likely I'll be joining you sooner rather than later) and you will never regret this time. Money definitely doesn't buy happiness and sometimes I think I have to spend more because I'm at work (like on childcare, clothes, and conveniences that I wouldn't need if I was at home.) The big thing holding me back is my insurance so I hope you guys are covered through Justin's job. Our culture doesn't make it easy for families to make are either too broke or too stressed...or too scared to have too many kids because you don't want to be broke or stressed. I could go on and on. These topics have become very near and dear to my heart. But, YOU will know what is best for YOUR family. Follow your heart and enjoy that baby. :)

    1. Thanks, Sally :) It's certainly a plus to be able to stay home, but you're so right - our culture does NOT make it easy to live on one income, especially when insurance is involved. And although moving to IN was a tough decision and I had to give up my job and being near family, Justin's promotion made it possible to live on his income alone. Some things just work out and really do happen for a reason!

  2. What a cutie!! I love those pictures you're taking weekly!! He sounds so much like Breanna and things she enjoys doing!! (did you hear about the bumbo recall?? If you go to their site you can order a seat belt that they're wanting everyone to install).

    1. Thanks Michelle! I did see the recall, but I'm not sure that I'd even use the belt. It seems like the seat is sturdy and since Avery is only in the seat when I'm with him, I don't know if the belt would be necessary?

  3. Oh and staying home does make things tighter, but you will definitely be happier for being able to be there for him. I'm a nurse and could make money to really help our situation but we just don't feel right about me being out of the home and not raising the kids. I did a post on my blog about budgeting a long time ago that you might find helpful. I have gotten out of the habit of using cash, but I should get back into it. I don't remember if you have access to my blog, but if you don't just let me know on facebook and I can give you access. (:

  4. I very much enjoy reading your blog and your view on motherhood and the fun things you do on one income - Ill definitely check out your budgeting post! Thanks!