Saturday, May 3, 2014


These two.
"A portrait of my Avery, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Never was there a boy who adored his daddy quite as much as Avery does Justin. These two are inseparable and everything Justin does is exciting to Avery - everything. Justin's morning routine is never a solitary one and every morning Avery insists on putting his own contacts in, applying deoderant and cologne, and gelling his hair right alongside dad. He comes downstairs feeling so proud, looking like Edward Scissorhands and smelling like a man on the prowl ;)

Justin worked long days all week, not getting home until after bedtime, which meant Avery only got to see him for a couple of hours in the morning. Naturally, they made the most of their short time together and Avery was glued to Justin's side while he got ready. Avery was a riot when dad hooked him up with some shaving cream but when the actual 'shaving' began, he was all business - he took this new experience VERY seriously.

I came to a hard realization this past week that no matter how cool I am (and I can be pretty cool;), I will never be as cool as Justin is in the eyes of our boys. And that's ok. I'm so grateful to have chosen an amazing partner that is such a strong teacher and role model - he's got patience and love for miles.
And Avery's got him wrapped around his little finger.

On a side note, it also dawned on me this week that my baby boy will be two in just over a month. TWO. How did that HAPPEN?! I shall commence party planning to avoid thinking about the fact that 24 whole months have almost passed... in the blink of an's getting real over here, people.

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