Monday, May 12, 2014

Cullen @ 2 Months!

It is SO true what they say - baby #2 just GROWS FASTER! I can't believe how time is flying and to top it off, I'm pretty sure Cullen is growing at an astronomically fast pace - even faster than his chunky-monkey big brother! Those CHEEKS, and those THIGHS! No wonder I want to squeeze him all day - who could resist?!  Needless to say, Cullen's appetite continues to be healthy, he weighed in today at 15 pounds, 2 ounces - in the 97th percentile for height and weight (which explains why I've already had to crack open the box of 6 month clothes...)

Cullen finally began enjoying taking baths in the infant tub. I had to sponge bathe him for his first 5 weeks because he wanted nothing to do with the tub but now he LOVES it and bathtime usually lasts about 30 minutes because he's so relaxed in the water I don't want to take him out.

These two photos were literally taken one right after the other on my
camera - wow, what a couple of seconds and a sweet smile can do!
Avery and Cullen are still in sleep-sync (*cue the heavenly choirs*) and I've even been able to put Cullen down in his baby swing to nap a handful of times and had a couple of hands-free hours to myself (!) Since I was never quite sure how long this scenario would last, I didn't want to get into any projects that I couldn't put down easily so what did I do? Dishes. Or laundry. I have clearly forgotten what to do with my idle self. *sigh* ...better luck next month.

Cullen started SMILING!!  This has got to be one of the most exciting baby 'milestones' ever. These first baby smiles light up my life and since Cullen wears a super-serious pout 90% of the time, his face completely transforms when he smiles. I'm officially 'that lady' in the grocery store that halts my cart in the middle of the isle to make ridiculous faces and coos that will hopefully earn me another sweet baby grin. Don't judge. You'd do it too ;)

Cullen now takes a soothie pacifier for short periods of time. It works wonders if we're in the store
and I just need another 10-15 minutes before we can make it out to the car to nurse (yes, I have ventured out shopping with the two boys alone - most of the experiences have been good ones)  or we're in the car (Cullen does not like to be in his carseat for any length of time). 

I wear Cullen in a front sling many times a week. Either to go on a walk or just hang outside with Avery, it's nice to be able to tote him around and be hands-free. Plus, Cullen loves being all snuggled in and usually snoozes the whole time.

Cullen's tear ducts are slowly starting to open up and do their job- his right eye is now
draining normally, but his left eye is still a bit gunky. Hopefully by the end of next month they will both be clear and working like they should.

Cullen is sleeping 5-7 hour stretches at night!
When he does wake up, Justin calls him 'daddy's lambo' (Yelawolf anyone? ...No?) because he goes from 0-60. He's either screaming or sleeping, no in-between.  :) 

Cullen remains a pretty cool cat most of the day. He is so observant and when he's awake he wants to be held upright and facing out so he can see what's going on around him. His fussiest time is in the evenings between dinner and bedtime and he prefers to either nurse or be in motion during this time, which is fine with me as he gets good and tanked up and then usually snuggles in until 3 or 4 in the morning.

Avery continues to love on his brother; sharing toys, reading books and showing off his tricks. Cullen loves to follow Avery with his eyes and encourages him by giving lots of smiles and coos. :) SO many sweet moments between these two brothers.
Cullen went on his first bike ride! We rigged up his car seat in the bike trailer and I towed him while Avery got a new seat on dad's bike. I'm SO excited that it's biking season again (and that Cullen enjoys it)- it's one of our favorite family activities!
I think as Cullen packs on the pounds, he looks more and more like Avery did as a baby, don't you think?
Cullen at 7 weeks on the left, Avery at 9 weeks on the right

Baby's first ball pit :)

And a couple of videos of brotherly love in action:
Avery loves to be involved in Cullen's tummy-time and is always pulling out new toys and showing his little bro how they work:

Every day when Avery wakes up from his nap, his first stop is to find Cullen (who is usually still sleeping) and smother him in kisses. He thinks everything Cullen does is hilarious (his burps, his head-bobs, his 'toots', his bubbles, etc. He's also got a way of 'accidentally' waking him up by yelling "Awake!" every time Cullen shifts in his sleep. Bless his heart for being so excited about everything his little brother does (and bless Cullen's little heart for being such a sound sleeper)

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  1. Wow! Avery and Cullen look a lot alike at that age!! And hallelujah for synchronized napping!!!! And, next month at this time you'll have a 2 year old...time is really going quickly, isn't it?!