Monday, June 2, 2014


Sumertime, the livin's easy...
"A portrait of my Avery, once a week, every week, in 2014"

This week had summertime written all over it- sunscreen, sweaty curls and dips in the pool. We had a great weekend attending a beautiful wedding on Saturday and celebrating a neighborhood buddy's fourth birthday on Sunday.

Avery outgrew his baby pool from last summer so we upgraded to a new one this week that has a padded bottom (the perfect trick to entice Avery to lie down in it!) I snapped this photo as he kicked back for the first time and he was so proud of himself he gave me some pretty stellar smiles :) With Avery's impending birthday only a few days away, this will be his last photo as a one-year-old! *gasp!*

I haven't had a chance to share many of our photos from our Wisconsin trip last week, but here's a fun video of Avery dunking his face in the bath for the first time EVER, to the roar of his very enthusiastic crowd (sometimes all he needs is an audience to get him to try new things!)
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