Sunday, June 8, 2014


Two years ago, Justin and I became parents to the sweetest little angel I'd ever set my eyes upon. Just like that, this boy made me a mother and for that he will always hold a special place inside my heart. My Avery Michael. 

Avery is, without a doubt, the sweetest, most kind-and-gentle-hearted little boy I've ever known. This doesn't mean he doesn't have his fair share of daily tantrums and evil glares (he's got a wicked mean glare), but his heart is solid gold and he never fails to make me proud when I watch him interact with his little peers.

He surprises me with something every day. Some new word, phrase, facial expression or piece of knowledge. He is so sweet, so smart, so funny and I'm head over heels for this two year old.

A glimpse of what Avery is all about as he begins his third year:
He's rapidly learning the alphabet. He knows segments of the tune and can recognize about two-thirds of the letters.

He knows what 'same' and 'different' mean and is so proud to point out examples.

Not a day goes by that Avery doesn't either come up to me with puckered lips and ask, "kiss?" or just randomly walks up and plants one on. He seems to know when his mama's rope is fraying and that a simple kiss is what it takes to save her from losing her mind :)

18 seems to be his favorite number. "One, Two, Three, Eighteen, Eighteen, Eighteen, EIGHTEEN!"

"Mama, this?" -what he asks when he wants to know what something is or what it means. He is SO curious and always learning. This is my FAVORITE part of having a fresh two-year-old.

He begs to dance in the kitchen. He would like nothing more than to dance all day if his mama could keep spinning and spinning without feeling nauseous. It's in these moments that I just squeeze him and wish that I could keep him as this sweet, innocent little person forever.
Avery continues to be a rockstar eater. He is always willing to try new things and there are very few foods that he dislikes. Breakfast is his best meal of the day - he usually eats more than I do! (unfortunately though, dinnertime lately often includes food spitting and blowing bubbles in his milk. Let's hope it's a fleeting phase;)

After going through a 'hate bath' phase, he now loves it once again and is happy to swim and play with letter shapes until we make him get out. He is SO proud to show off how he can lay flat on his back, on his tummy, put both of his ears in and even his face!

Avery LOVES to have his own picture taken when I take Cullen's weekly photo. It's even gotten to the point where he insists that I take his picture first! (and I usually have to bribe him with something to get him out of the frame so I can take some shots of Cullen alone)

He LOVES to wear sunglasses. He won't go outside in the sunshine without them and keeps them on most of the day, inside and out.

Cows continue to be his favorite animal. He's a lover of all animals, but cows get the most energetic response (and usually a hug). "Mooo!" 

Avery loves to pretend (yay!). Pretend eat, pretend sleep, pretend fix things, pretend clean, pretend drive things, pretend to get 'boo-boos'. It's my favorite thing to do, just sit back and watch him pretend in his own little world. 

He's sort of a clean freak. He LOVES to do all kinds of cleaning: sweep, VACCUUM (with his play vaccuum, the real vaccuum, or a golf club), spray and wipe things, dust, empty the dishwasher, wash the dishes, pick up small pieces of lint and take them to the garbage. He has even started pretending to 'pick up Bella's poop' with two golf clubs... what a guy! :)

 He's the best little helper we could ever ask for. He always wants to help, whether it be mowing the lawn, emptying the dishwasher or changing his brother's diaper ("Oh no! Poop!") Even if his 'helping' usually doubles the time it normally would take to complete a task, it's well worth it to have such a willing participant that is so eager to learn.

He LOVE, LOVE, LOVES vehicles. Tractors, cars, trains, trucks, you name it. If it has wheels, it's a hit with Avery. (he's such a boy!)

Dad continues to be Avery's best buddy. He shadows everything his dada does and wants to be at his side the entire time he's at home. It's so sweet to see how he adores Justin, he's truly his hero.

Avery is SO polite! He says please, thank-you, bless you, excuse me, and sorry numerous times every day. (Sorry's are always accompanied by a caress and a kiss) He's such a little gentleman :)

His peanut allergy is pretty much under control. His skin does still break out every now and then, usually on his cheeks, his legs, or under his chin but it comes and goes and I'm not even sure if its his allergy or just sensitive skin. He will be re-tested sometime this summer to hopefully get a better understanding of his allergy.

Now that Avery is 2, I'm excited to start documenting some of the funny/cute things he says. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

"Boobies" = Blueberries, his favorite fruit. Not to be confused with...
"Drinks" = the mama-parts that feed baby Cullen :)
"Fortune!" *with a fist pump in the air* = it's 7:00 and time to watch Wheel of Fortune!
"Cars" = what Avery responds when we ask him what he dreamed about. Always cars. And sometimes "Cookie" (he sleeps a with Cookie Monster toy)
"Awake!" = the genuine excitement he has when he hears Cullen is awake
"Thank you" = the way he says this isn't really in the form of enunciated words, but more like two different mumbled tones.

What a world of difference 2 years makes...
I love you little boy. To the moon and back.

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