Friday, July 8, 2011

365 Project: Week 25 - The Olives Take on INDIANA!

Check out my Flickr page to read the story behind each photo - like new neighbors and Bella's new backyard!
This is the week we've been waiting for for a long time! We packed up our life and moved it from Menomonie, Wisconsin to West Lafayette, Indiana (with a small lay-over in Dayton, Indiana for a couple of days) 

It certainly came with it's share of stress (as I'm sure anyone that has gone through the paperwork process to own a home can attest to) and there were a few days this week that we weren't sure we would actually HAVE a house to move into... but God came through (along with our realtor, Kristy Miley, who seriously went above and beyond numerous times to ease our mind and get us moved in - THANK YOU, Kristy!! You ROCK!
Kristy told us that 'buying a house is like having a baby - after it's over, you forget all about the pain you went through to get there' and she was right! Although we were freaking out this week, everything came through and it now seems like a distant memory! It was certainly a learning experience and something we'll never forget!

In my next post, I'll be sharing some photos and projects we've been working on in the house so far - and maybe a few 'finished' photos of the rooms soon after! Thanks for following along with me on this journey!

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