Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inspired Wednesday: Home Improvement!

We moved all of our 2 bedroom duplex into a 4 bedroom house in Indiana (a house we LOVE!) and we've been busy doing minor adjustments and DIY projects around the house, unpacking, and spending lots of time browsing the isles at Lowe's. 
They say: "Let's Build Something Together",
We say: Bring it on!

Here's a list of the things we've done so far in the 13 days since we've moved in:
1. Re-screened the door, cleaned, painted AND added a new light fixture to the porch
 We're also practically professional electricians, wiring all these light fixtures...

Who knew re-screening would be so fun and easy?!
We also re-screened 3 windows in the house!

Jasper was a big help.

2. Cleaned the garage drywall with bleach and painted with primer (to get rid of the nasty mildew)

BLEACH. On the walls. My mother would be so proud...

3. Covered up the ginormous hole above the fireplace in the living room with a mirror, installed track lighting and filled in some large holes in the ceiling
We still need to add a few accent pieces, but a huge improvement!

4. Although we didn't really do much 'work' towards this one, we got our new bed via FedEx today and set it up! (Our bedroom has been the 'neglected' room so far...)
We got a memory foam bed that came super vacuum packed in a roll and got to watch it 'puff up' with air!
(Bella approves of the new bed ... although with any luck, she'll continue sleeping on HER bed on the floor!)
We've also matched/touched up paint, cleaned like crazy, hung shelving, assembled numerous pieces of furniture, and unpacked about a billion boxes - and we're loving every minute of it! I'll be posting 'finished' photos of some of the rooms in my 365 project over the next few weeks!
Also, as we were unpacking, this wicker basket re-surfaced and Jasper jumped right in for a nap. When he was a baby, he used to LOVE hanging out in this basket until I filled it up with socks. It seems he's re-claiming what he thinks is his! :) (Granted, he doesn't fit quite as well as he once did..)

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  1. Who did you hire to do all of the construction!!
    Looks GREAT!!