Monday, October 31, 2011

365 Project: Week 40 - Happy Halloween!!

This week I enjoyed spending a daytime date on Monday exploring Indianapolis, spending cold mornings inside and warm afternoons outside, and finishing an entire book in one week! (I know get what all the hype over 'Wicked' is all about!)   I didn't have to work very many days this week, so I had a very relaxing week full of reading and Bella-walking :)

Tonight I'm super excited to pass out candy to all the kidlets in the neighborhood! We've never lived in a place that had any trick-or-treaters, so this will be the first year I don't have to eat all the candy all by myself! (Although I've all but overdosed on candy corn this week... I think I will be glad to not see it again for another year!) Justin has been at a work conference in Wichita all weekend and is missing out on Halloween at home so it seems the kids will have nothing to fear at our house! :) (he's usually the one that scares children and makes them cry and such... I just enjoy handing them candy and seeing all their cute costumes!)

Happy Halloween!! Send all your TWIX (& M&M's) my way!  Here's a little Halloween cheer for you:

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