Wednesday, January 5, 2011


For having a degree in Graphic Design, I really don't get a chance to do much actual designing, but my cousin-in-law (I think this is the 'correct' term - she's more of a craft/art idea sharing friend) asked me to create her a logo to promote herself and her awesome crafts. I've been looking for excuses to familiarize myself more with a digital drawing tablet, and this seemed to be a perfect opportunity (although halfway through I decided that I was much more efficient doing it the old fashioned way using a pencil, paper and a scanner) I'm hoping that with more practice, though, the tablet will get easier!

For making her this logo, she offered an 'art trade', so she's making me an AMAZING 'teacher tote' that I'm really looking forward to!  She's really got an eye for making very unique quilts and bags and is just pretty much amazing at sewing in general! (someday I hope to learn her tricks!)  On her blog, she has lots of great process photos of her quilts and bags (and really funny stories about her kids and -of course- kitties!) You can check it out HERE.


  1. How funny- I just logged in to do a post about YOU! (And I took the kitty whiskers back out in paint.)

    Everyone loves my logo- you knocked it out of the park.

  2. This looks like a great embroidery pattern! Super cute;)