Monday, March 14, 2011

Art Show!!

My students were asked to create a project that would be featured as part of the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra's spring concert: "Made in America". In class, they listened to Charles Ives' Symphony No. 2 and we discussed what different sounds would LOOK like. (shapes, colors, etc.) Each design was based on the student's individual interpretation of the music. 

They then took the designs, made them into relief print blocks and created different tessellations. They turned out so beautiful - I was a very proud teacher hanging them up in the beautiful Janet Carson gallery (part of the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center/State Theater in downtown Eau Claire) We held the reception for the artists on Saturday night and then the kids got to go to the orchestra and their art pieces were displayed on a large screen during the performance of Charles' Ives' Symphony No. 2. It was a very fun night - moments like this remind me how much I love my job!
   Happy Youth Art Month!

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