Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 365: Week 10

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I was pretty frustrated with Project 365 this week. I had a lot on my mind regarding many different things and I had no creative drive whatsoever when it came to taking photos. Due to this creative drought, I devoted much of my time this weekend desperately searching for inspiration... 

Most of my free time was spent ogling over the AMAZING Trey Ratcliff and his breathtaking HDR photos (a whole new photo technique I am determined to figure out...) He has had the opportunity to travel the world and get some phenomenal and totally unique shots of some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Check out his website "Stuck in Customs" to see his work and get some amazing photography tips (He even has a full tutorial on HOW he creates his HDR photos ... I've been pouring over it for days in amazement!) Also check out his Flickr page - Although he may not actually take a photo every day, he does still post one daily. I highly recommend you get to know him and his work - it will change your life. Here's a little preview:
Trey Ratcliff -

Coming up...
In 5 days, Justin and I will be relaxing in Riviera Maya, Mexico soaking up the sun, exploring some ancient Mayan ruins and diving the Mesoamerican reef (the 2nd largest in the WORLD behind the Great Barrier Reef) I couldn't be more excited to go diving again in such an amazing place! I hope to take what I'm learning from Trey Ratcliff and get some great photos that don't involve snow OR leafless trees! Stay tuned!

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