Sunday, March 6, 2011

365 Project: Week 9

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This week, I was busy in almost every aspect of my life.
First of all - BREAKING NEWS in the Olive family... Justin moved to Indiana on Thursday to start his new job as a district manager for Pizza Hut, beginning our 4 month 'separation'.  I'll be staying in Wisconsin to finish out the rest of the school year and will join him in Indiana in June. Although I'm hesitant to leave my amazing job and so many of our friends and family, I know that this is a huge opportunity for Justin and us as a couple to get out and start fresh at this time in our lives before we have children and get even more invested in our life here. There will be many more posts to come about our moving process - what an eventful year for me to be doing Project 365!

I barely squeaked out the glaze firing of the bowls I made for the 'Empty Bowls' event that was held yesterday here in Menomonie. When I delivered the bowls, they were still pretty toasty from the kiln!  The bowls turned out great - sadly, I didn't even have enough time to take a photo of them, so you'll have to use your imagination :) Although I'm proud of myself for setting this goal and following through, I'm glad to have it done and off my mind!

Also this week - I hung up TWO art shows that are happening this month (in celebration of YOUTH ART MONTH!) One show will be up at the ECASD Board of Education office all month, and the other show displays about 50 pieces of my student's work in conjunction with the Chippewa Valley Symphony's March concert series - "Made in America" at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center (the State theater in downtown EC). Very exciting things happening for art in Eau Claire!

And on top of all the madness, I tried to squeeze in every second I could with my husband before he traveled 8 hours away.  Spring break can't come soon enough!
Sadly, it seems more snow is on it's way... I've had about enough for this year, thanks.

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