Sunday, June 12, 2011

365 Project: Week 22

Wow! Week 22 already! This project is going by fast - and I'm having so much fun keeping up with it! I really appreciate all the kind words and encouragement I've gotten from everyone that's been following my progress - your support is what keeps me going every day of every week!

This week was so bittersweet. It was the last week of school and although I'm so grateful for the break, I know that I won't be returning to my school next year and all my amazing students and fellow teachers, which was hard for me to grasp. I was absolutely blown away by the generous outpouring of love from my students and co-workers. I am so grateful for the amazing (although brief) experience I've had at South Middle School and I know I've grown and learned so much in the last year and have been blessed by so many people.

On another note, I'm SO EXCITED to finally be in Indiana with my husband FULL TIME and start moving in and settling into our new HOUSE! This sign is now up in the front yard:

I'll be 'visiting' Indiana one more time this week, then coming back to Menomonie to pack up and make the big move! Stay tuned! LOTS of excitement to come!

P.S. What happened to those 90 degree days? Now that I'm out of school and able to enjoy them, I want them BACK!

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