Thursday, June 16, 2011

LOVE! (Panda-inspired Wednesday)

I've been following the blog of Nidhi Chanani for a while now and have been intrigued by her very sweet way of capturing everyday life moments in charming illustrations. The three words that come to mind when I see her work are innocence, magic and love. Her blog follows the progress of HER version of 'Project 365' (she does a new SKETCH every day.) I am so envious of her amazing illustrating skills on paper AND on the computer and the way she seamlessly combines the two. Her work is guaranteed to make you smile and want to hug everyone you love.

Not only is Nidhi releasing her first limited edition collection book, "Everyday Love," (which looks amazing!) she recently came out with this PANDA PRINT (for those of you who don't know, I've had a love affair with pandas for as long as I can remember...) which I plan to get my hands on as soon as I can scrounge up a few extra dollars! Her creation of this print made her ultra-worthy of an 'Inspired Wednesday' post - I hope you'll check her out!

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