Tuesday, May 24, 2011

365 Project- Week 19

This week brought some fun happenings IN and OUT of the art room! First of all, we are doing a super fun project in my Art 7 class - I play a song for the kids that they then 'visually interpret' in the form of lines and shapes on a large paper using only a Sharpie. We then take these designs and transform them into really awesome linoleum tessellation prints! (if you couldn't tell, this is one of my favorite projects!) This semester, the kids listened to THIS SONG - and they were really into it! It's such a powerful piece that the kids can't help but focus on and get INSPIRED by!

On Tuesday, we took a class trip to the Minnesota Zoo - it was SO MUCH FUN! I didn't expect chaperoning a group of nine 7th graders could be so relaxing! It was a beautiful day spent wandering the zoo and checking out an amazing 'Coral Reef' 3D IMAX! 

I was also awarded a 'Top 10' award in the annual Wisconsin DNR 'Great Lakes' Photo contest for this photo that I took when we were in Door County last summer for our 1st Anniversary: 

I was very flattered - it always feels good to be recognized for photos I take! You can check out the rest of the entries in the 3 different categories here. Being in the top ten, my photo may be chosen for the DNR's 2012 calendar - we'll see!

Top that off with an AMAZING weekend in Indiana with Justin and Bella exploring covered bridges and viewing possible houses to buy, (yay!) it was a great week!! 
Only 11 days of school left! Time is FLYING BY!

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