Sunday, May 1, 2011

365 Project: Week 16 - A Rollercoaster of a Week!

Wow! This has been an emotional week! On Monday evening, as I was finishing up my project creating fingering charts (mind you, I've worked for MANY LONG HOURS on this project and was so close to finishing, I could taste it!) the flash drive that I had saved the ENTIRE project on fried. (I mean literally fried - burned up - the thing was HOT when I pulled it out of the computer...) Despite desperate attempts by myself and the Tech dept. at school, it was gone and along with it, all my many hours of work. I was pretty upset for the majority of the week (hence - the watercolor project I did as 'therapy' for a few evenings this week) because it could have been avioded by me backing up the files on my backup hard drive (that IS why I bought the thing...!)

Let me take a moment to remind you to BACK UP YOUR FILES!! ALL OF THEM!! ESPECIALLY THE IMPORTANT ONES!!! Buy 2, 3, 4 different sources and back it up 2, 3, 4 times! Memory is cheap! Learn from my rookie mistake and just DO IT! (because it WILL happen... even to your 'fail-safe' flash drive.) Thank you.

So after all that drama in my week, Friday afternoon rolls around and the office calls to tell me I have a gift from one of my students waiting for me in the office. Nice! I go down and realize it was a homemade chocolate pie!! Bless her heart!! On my way out of the office, a package arrives for me - a really super heavy one - with an urgent label on it - from Justin! Why is Justin sending me a package at work?! I open it up and find a brand new MacBook Pro! REALLY Nice!! Needless to say, it was the greatest Friday-afternoon-after-a-stressful-week surprise ever!  **I should mention that although it was totally my fault because I didn't back up the files, I blame my (now former) computer for the loss of my flash drive. The tech dept. says my computer probably sent a 'power surge' out through my USB...** Problem solved! New MacBook Pro! :) I love my husband...

Besides that, its been raining pretty much all week and is 38 degrees today... May 1st. Gross. I also started to clean out our 'spare bedroom' that has become our 'storage space' apparently. Stay tuned for updates on THAT mess.

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