Wednesday, April 27, 2011

365 Project: Week 15! Spring is Springing!

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This week has finally been bringing some real spring weather! I even donned a skirt to school for the first time since last summer! I spent the weekend in Indiana with my husband doing nothing but driving around (checking out a house on... OLIVE DRIVE!), eating out, playing cards and even flying a PANDA kite! I desperately miss doing hanging out with my husband on a daily basis... I think this distance thing is getting HARDER as time goes by! Ugh!

I also have been watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 movie quite a bit over the last week (for those of you who DON'T know, I'm quite obsessed) and got the random urge to construct a golden snitch necklace. I stopped by Michaels and picked up a couple of wings and a perfect metal wire 'bead' and hooked them together! It's my new favorite necklace! I even made my sister (a fellow HP geek) a matching one!

In my Art 7 class we have been knee deep in our metal project - the pieces are turning out so great with no casualties! :) If you had told me 2 years ago that 7th graders could be trusted to manipulate metal with dangerous tools, I would've laughed in your face and prayed for your safety... but I'm really amazed at how responsible they are! (Their very safety-conscious teacher threatening them that failure to handle it responsibly would result in them NOT being allowed to finish the project was great incentive too :)

Are you noticing the GREEN popping up everywhere?!
I'm loving watching the world come back to life!

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