Monday, April 4, 2011

MEXICO Series Part 3: Mayan Ruins Adventure

On our 2nd day in Mexico, we chose to venture off our resort to view the Mayan ruins that are very near where we were staying (only about an hour away). We graciously declined the tour bus group and Justin rented us a Jeep (he has a soft spot for jeeps:) to head off on our own adventure!
Our first stop was the city of Coba, which is one of the least 'commercialized' Mayan ruins site, as only parts of the city are excavated and accessible to visitors. We made the trek out to the farthest structure, The Nohoch Mul pyramid, and climbed our way all the way to the top for a breathtaking view of the entire (although overgrown) city.
(it was much scarier coming down than it was going up!) It's amazing to think of what amazing things the Mayan people were capable of, and how sturdy their structures were built to be able to withstand tourists trekking up them hundreds of years later! Click HERE for more information (and history) about Coba.
After leaving Coba, we stopped at the city of Tulum on our way back to the resort. If Coba was beautiful, Tulum was GORGEOUS! I could easily have set up a tent within the city and lived there forever. The views were straight out of a dream. The entire city was surrounded by stone walls on 3 sides and a cliff overlooking the ocean on the 4th. What an amazing city this must've been when it was inhabited. I can imagine how intimidating it would be for the Spanish to sail up to this spot and see this impressive stone city perched high above them on the cliff. Word has it that they turned around and found a new place to land after spotting Tulum. I can't blame them! Tulum's location left them well protected-very smart advantage! Click HERE to learn more about Tulum and its history.

The beach was blue water + white sand + warm breeze blowing through the palms = heavenly. This place was by far one of the most beautiful places I've ever had the pleasure to experience. 
I didn't want to leave! Ever!

P.S. These little guys (most of them not being 'little' at ALL!) roamed free all over the place! Super cool!

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