Saturday, April 2, 2011

MEXICO Series Part 1: Our Resort

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Our experience at this resort couldn't have been any better. It was so relaxing! Our room was so beautiful and our patio led right out to the pool and the ocean beyond, and came complete with a fully stocked mini-fridge full of Coronitas (yes, little bottles of Corona!) Not to mention the 24 hour room service was available as part of our 'all inclusive' benefits... oh, heavenly!

We spent many hours lying in the sun reading and sipping drinks with pineapples and umbrellas that were brought to us. We took breaks to get more drinks from the swing-up bar :) The sun didn't even get too hot because of the delicious warm breeze that came in off the ocean. The beach was beautiful and the water was crystal-clear. We didn't spend much time swimming on our resort (we saved that for scuba diving - photos to come!) but the sound of the waves crashing while we were relaxing was an experience I wouldn't mind re-creating every day of my life... 

Our resort was all-inclusive, so we indulged ourselves in 3 FULL meals a day and all the mojitos and pina coladas we could enjoy in between :) Had we stayed much longer, I would've been forced to join the daily water aerobics class our resort offered! Not only did we eat lots of food, we ate it in super fancy five-star resturants right on our resort (the kind where they call you 'sir' and 'lady' and pull out your chair for you and place your napkin on your lap... Justin even got all his crumbs brushed away between each course:) My favorite resturant was the 'El Patio' resturant that served authentic Mexican food (I love guacamole now!). It was a HUGE grass hut with hanging lanterns and a great metal tree in the center of the room with blown glass hanging from it. I couldn't keep my eyes from looking up! Aside from El Patio, the 'Oceana' outdoor seafood resturant treated me with the best clam chowder I've ever had in my LIFE **sigh** and Justin even had SHRIMP for an appetizer! When in Rome! (or Mexico!)

Overall, the service and the friendliness of the staff at this resort can't be beat. I would stay here again and recommend it to everyone I know in a heartbeat.

Since I took so many photos on our trip, I've decided to post them in 3 different parts based on the top 3 experiences we had while we were enjoying Mexico. (My computer also seems to be on its last leg... so it took me WAY longer than it should have to format these photos. It looks like it may be computer shopping time!) I'll try to have them all uploaded by the end of the weekend! Stay tuned!

Part 1: Time spent enjoying our amazing resort. (above)
Part 2: Scuba Diving!
Part 3: Our day trip to view some awesome ancient Mayan ruins.

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