Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 94 = Volume One COVER ART!!

Big News!!
Today, the new issue of Volume One was released - with my 'Barn' photo featured on the cover! (Day 94 of my 365 Project for those of you keeping track)
CLICK HERE to see the Description/Artist Bio on the Volume One website (Or pick up a copy - they're free all over the Chippewa Valley!) 
Volume One is an amazing magazine that I've read since I moved to Menomonie 6 years ago (wow... 6 years...?!) that highlights all the art/music/theater/community activities in the area. (the kind of publication every good community should have - with all the 'what's happening' information in one place!) To see what it's all about, CLICK HERE to view some of the highlights and articles in the newest issue.

Sorry to disappoint those of you who were expecting a 'baby announcement' ... I should've been more clear that the 'big news' was creative/art related only!  (someday, someday... :) 

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!
Justin is home for a few days, so I'll be enjoying every minute!

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  1. WAY. TO. GO.

    That pic was one of my faves and I am so proud of you!! Proud, but not surprised. :) You rock. I love that you are my Second Cousin-In-Law.