Sunday, April 17, 2011

365 Project: Week 14

This week brought time outside (more so in the beginning of the week, before we were subject to another coating of snow on Saturday...), Justin home for the weekend, our first meal on the grill, a minor surgery for a broken toenail for Bella (oh, the things we do for our pets...), lots of time spent on an ongoing project and new panda earrings!! (check out the images on my Flickr page for more information :) I even got in some 'girl time' with some friends today and got a pedicure - hopefully it will be warm enough soon to start wearing sandals!

It was so nice to have Justin home for a few days... and the best thing is - I only have to wait 4 more days to see him again! On Thursday after school, I'll be taking a road trip to Indiana to see him this time! I'm excited for some new sights to spice up my 365 project this week!

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